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Saturday, December 1, 2012

In Memory of My Beloved Kitty, Ashes

 In memory of Ashey cat.
 Summer 1995 - December 1st 2012
 We had to say goodbye to our beloved pet that I grew up with for the past 17 years.  We got him from our cousins down the street when he was just a kitten.
 He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered.
 He was a good kitty and I think would like to be remembered most as an excellent hunter.  He once caught a snake and killed a magpie.  He brought us many mice and got in many fights.
He knew when to play and when to cuddle.
 He was surprisingly tolerant of little kids and groups of strangers.  He even ran to the door with me when the doorbell rang.
 He never liked drinking water from a bowl and insisted on drinking out of a running faucet instead.
 He liked to sneak attack you when you went up and down the stairs.
 He was the prettiest kitty.
I am going to miss him so much.
I love you Ashes.