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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Civil War Christmas Social

December 21st, 2012.  The End of the World.  It was also the same day as our second annual Civil War Social and Pot Luck Dinner at Fort Douglas.  I got assigned to bring a salad.  I know.  Sad.  There are no pictures of my pathetic leafy green salad here.  I should inform you though that I did put forth a culinary effort and fried up a rasher of bacon, and made some delicious homemade buttermilk salad dressing. This social event was not about the salad, or the dinner, or the end of the world, it was about dressing up and being with friends who also like to dress up.
This is baby Kenna in her darling Civil War dress and bonnet.  She is the cutest baby.  I think she looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll with those cute pinch me cheeks.
This is Kenna's Momma Rachel.  She made this dress Civil War Tea Dress just for the occasion.  I am impressed.  I cannot sew.  Looking ever so lovely, as usual.  
 A trio of pretty girls.  We could come dressed from any era.  I think the two on the left represent the French Revolution.  Amanda, in the red cape, as always, a charming Southern Bell from the Civil War.
Here we have our three fine taylors who each made their own uniforms.  Jake on the left is World War II, J in the middle finally got to wear his Pennsylvania 72nd Zouave uniform which has been his latest project, and Skyler is showing off his Colonial era Revolutionary War attire.  Well done men, well done.
 About 50 people showed up.
 It was a good turn out.
This is Amanda and Caleb and their family.  I did their wedding cake in October.  They look like the ideal Confederate family.  
Look who has the baby now.  She is so cute and has such a mild personality she gets grabbed and carried off with great frequency.
My ever so handsome husband proudly displaying his 72nd Pennsylvania Zouave uniform that he spent months working on.  He has lost 90 pounds this year and needed a new uniform that fits better.
Some Christmas socializing.
Here I am with my darling husband J.  There is quite the height discrepancy between us.  He is 6'2".  A wee bit taller than average, but not ginormous   Everyone thinks J is so big and tall and intimidating.  Then they meet him and they tell me, "I thought he was taller" or "J is a really nice person once you get to know him" or "I was scared of him the first time I saw him".  I think this is because they have only seen pictures of us on facebook.  I am a 5 foot (60 inches exactly) hobbit, so in that perspective everyone looks tall standing next to me.  I guess it also doesn't help when I post pictures like this:
J is ready for our company party.

Back to the Fort Douglas Social.

 Cannot get enough of baby Kenna.
 This is our group photo.  From the other side.  Since no one bothered to use my camera to take it.
 Two fine looking gentlemen.  Now for some parlor games.
 My Lady's Wardrobe.  Everyone sits in a circle and is assigned an item of Ladies clothing:  bonnet, hatpin, gloves, parasol, chemise, corset, boots, drawers, petticoat, socks, fan, etc.
 The person in the center of the circle exclaims:  My lady is going out, my lady needs her.... name two items that a lady wears.  The two people who are those items must jump up and switch seats before the person in the middle takes one of the empty seats when they switch.  The person without a seat is the one in the middle again.
 Or to change things up a bit the person in the middle can name 4 to 6 items or call out "The Lady needs her entire wardrobe."  Then everyone needs to get up and change seats.  This would be a fun game for any group of people, but I think it is better when in period clothes because those hoop skirt dresses do not move well and the act of standing and sitting takes a bit of time.