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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cakey Cakey 2011

These are the cakes and assorted goodies I made in 2011, before the blog. I am still learning and learning from my mistakes. Hopefully this will help me become a better baker and cake decorator.
Chela's Babyshower cake.

The bear was fun to make.
Halloween cookies.
J's Birthday Civil War cake. I think this is the best one I did all year.

And what it looked like without the hats.
My first attempt at cake pops.
With the help of my family we cranked out 200 chocolate cupcakes for Chelsea's wedding.
With a flower and butterfly on each one.
Chark's (Chelsea and Mark) butterfly wedding cake.
Thor's Hammer birthday cake. The handle is supported with marshmallows.

Mother's Day.
Working on my basket weave technique. Sure it's no secret of the seven hand cutting, but its getting there.
Another flowers in a basket cake.

Chelsea's birthday cake.

Illianna's first birthday cake.

And like all good cakes, it was quickly devoured.