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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Microwave Marshmallow Fondant

I don't always use Fondant, but when I do, it's Wilton.
But when it is 10pm at night and I need cupcakes the next morning and I am out of fondant and I don't have time to use my double boiler for a large batch, 
I make Microwave Marshmallow Fondant.
Microwave Marshmallow Fondant

Mini marshmallows
Powdered sugar

Microwave a handful of mini marshmallows with a few drops of water for 10 seconds at a time and stir with a buttered spoon until the marshmallows are melted and smooth.  
Stir in about 1 tsp of vanilla. 
(I like Wilton's clear vanilla extract, because it keeps the fondant looking white.  Clear Vanilla)
Add powdered sugar to the goo and fold in.  
Move the goo to a powdered sugar table top.  
Knead in powdered sugar until the dough is stiff, but pliable. Feels like play dough.
Lightly grease (shortening) saran wrap and fold around the fondant ball 4-5 times.  
Store in an air tight ziplock bag in the refrigerator for up to 3 – 4 months.  
When ready to use, bring the fondant to room temperature. 
Or microwave it for a few seconds to make it soft.
Marshmallows and water.  I take it out every 10 seconds and give it a stir.
Stir until it is melted and smooth, then add vanilla.
Fold in powdered sugar.
Add more powdered sugar and knead it until it comes together into a ball.
Wrap the fondant ball in greased (shortening) plastic wrap before storing it in the refrigerator.
My (now 11pm) fondant was used to make painter pallets for a Tangled birthday party.
I always feel like I am somehow cheating when I make microwave marshmallow fondant.  I know how to make regular glycerine fondant and marshmallow fondant with a double boiler, but the microwave fondant is so much easier and faster and I can get the same consistency as Wilton fondant, only it tastes better.  Maybe it is because I feel like working with Fondant is hard.  It can be hard to cover a cake and it can be hard to make pretty flowers.  Since working with fondant can be hard and time consuming, making it should he hard and time consuming.  But it's not.  Making fondant is scary easy and a lot cheaper than Wilton's ready to use fondant.  So here is a new goal for myself:  Stop buying ready made fondant.  Get a bag of marshmallows and make it.