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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blue Hair

For my birthday dinner my family met up at the Red Lobster.  I was very clever and put my jacket hood up over my head so they could not see it when I walked through the door.  Then I took a picture of them with my phone as I pulled my hood off on the pretense of getting a picture for my birthday blog.  I just wanted a picture of their genuine reactions to my hair.
This is my brother's reaction.
These are my parent's reactions.
This is my Dad's reaction.  His facial expression stayed this way in a state of shock, horror, and disappointment the entire night.  I am no longer the favorite child.  I have fallen far from grace.

This is what I did.  This is my before picture.  Virgin hair for the last three years.  I was on a Geekshirt week at work.  Day 1 Monday Twilight.  Day 2 Tuesday Power Rangers.  Day 3 Wednesday Spider-Man.  Day 4 Thursday Transformers.  Day 5 Friday Naruto.  I am a comic book, super-hero, anime, manga, cartoon geek and have many a merchandise and T-shirt to prove it.
I had my hair bleached three times to strip the color out.
I have never been this blonde in my life.  That frizz is my natural wake-up in the morning hair texture.  At work us girls are planning a "No Hair Product Day".  Not even a pony tail holder is allowed.  We first need to get a trophy for the worst hair. I think I have a good chance at winning.
Then we shaved one side.  Just the one ear.  I have never been this short or buzzed in my life.  It was a freaky experience.
There is all my hair on the floor in the corner.  So sad.
Then came the pink sections.  More pink please.
Then came the blue and the final result which was the cause of much disappointment, shock, and horror on my parent's faces.
Devil horns.  Rock on Man, rock on.  I am a punk.
Blue with pink sections.
Shaved on the right side with a saved lock up front.
Blue.  I have My Little Pony Hair.
Blue and Pink.  I feel like Rainbow Bright.
One step closer to being an anime character.
Let's see my Dad's look of disappointment again.  He did ask at dinner where he went wrong as a parent.
My bathroom.
My work bathroom.
Me with crazy blue hair.  This is my birthday present to me.  I turned 32.