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Monday, April 14, 2014

Selling the Palatial Estate, you know, the trailer

After 12 years we are finally selling our Palatial Estate.  This year, 2014, we say goodbye to our first home as a married couple.  It is hard to believe we have stayed here this long.  J bought the bachelor pad back in December 2001.  We got married November 2006.  I moved from my parent's house to his house.  It has been a perfect house for two people and a cat.  But with Takashi gone for nearly a year now it is time to say goodbye to his ghost and move on.
Behold the mighty living room.  Minus the other bookcase, all of J's swords, our Civil War photos, our wedding photos, and the microfiber armchair that used to be in that big open space corner by the bookcase and the light.  Note the original 1970's wood paneling is in excellent condition.
We learned that to sell a home we needed to de-clutter, and de-personalize, so that is what we did.  We wanted to make our trailer look open, bright, and inviting.  De-personalize to make potential buyers imagine what their stuff would look like in the trailer instead of our stuff.
Of course, some people might consider J's impressive Lord of the Rings sword display a positive selling feature for the home.
But we decided the sword collection was more of an eclectic taste that not everyone would appreciate.
Here is my grand and glorious kitchen where I do all my cooking and baking.
The Dalek Cookie Jar is gone.  The fridge magnets are gone.  The mixer is gone.  Most of my cake pans are gone.  Most of my cake decorating supplies are gone.
The bulk of my cook book collection is gone.  All packed away in a storage unit until we find a new house.
We got the storage unit February 22nd and started packing.
Here is my grand and glorious Master bathroom.  It is really big.  I am going to miss my bathroom.  It is bigger than any bathroom at my parent's house.
Both J and I took classes on "How to Sell your Home" and "ABC's of Homebuying" this past January.
We meet with our real estate agent March 11th.
I am sure going to miss my huge soaking tub.
The bedroom looks so empty without the other bookshelf, the random stuff shoved into each corner, more swords, pictures, model guns, the trio of axes, maces, the throwing star collection, the morning star near the bed, and the katana and wakizashi set above the head board.  Sigh.
We wanted to make our trailer look spacious.
Our trailer is a 1977 two bedroom, two full baths, 1050 sq. ft. single wide trailer.  It has central air conditioning, a fenced backyard, and is close to the freeway and schools.  I am really going to miss my close freeway entrance.
There was a weapon in every room.  I once counted 17 in all.  But that was before Orcrist from "The Hobbit" joined the collection.
Our agent took pictures of the house and put it up for sale April 1st, 2014.  April Fools Day.
No Joke.  We are finally moving.  And all the appliances are staying:  Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Stove, even the microwave is staying for the next person.  I love my 30 sec button.  It is the optimal time for the perfect cheese melt on a tortilla.
The second bedroom.  There used to be a weight bench in here.  The bulk of our Civil War pictures, more weapons, and even more books and toys.  Its looks so empty now.
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Despite my sadness at having to leave our castle, our sanctuary, our home, if you're interested, here is the listing below: