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Monday, November 19, 2012


For my 32nd Birthday J and I went to the Natural History Museum of Utah. 
One of our corporate mascots and favorite dinosaur is the Allosaurus.  This museum has the largest collection of Allosarus bones in the world.  The Allosaurus is also Utah's official state fossil.  The Allosaurus is smaller than the Tyranosaurs measuring only 25-35 feet, but it has larger more useful arms with bigger claws that could be used to subdue prey.  To compare the two here are some toy figures I found in the gift store.
1- T-Rex, 2 - T-Rex, 3 - T-Rex, 4 - Allosaurus, just like a T-Rex, only different.
J standing next to a T-Rex skull to see the difference between the two dinosaurs.  The T-Rex was much bigger and had a stronger bite, but has a similar skeletal structure.
Allosaurus display.  The pack of Allosaurus skeletons are taking down a Sauropod.  Since many of their remains are found grouped close together, the current hypothesis is that Allosaurus hunted in packs like wolves, only different.
Allosaurus skull.  Just like a T-Rex skull, only different.
A fellow blue haired person that I saw.  We of the blue hair must stick together.
Another Awesome Allosaurus.
Since J is a werewolf I had to get a picture of a Dire Wolf skeleton for him.  He seems a bit small.  Maybe he was a juvenile Dire Wolf.
One of our other Corporate Mascots and favorite insect is the Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly.  It may not be the most beautiful butterfly in the world, but it certainly is the best.  It is also native to Utah, or at least it's habit range includes Utah.  Our third mascot is the Panthugar.  A cross between a Panther and a Cougar.  The deadliest of all the big cat hybrids.  I could not find a picture of one of those.  I like how at first glance all the butterflies look the same, then if you look longer you can see how different and individual they all are.
More Allosaurus skull fragments.  It was behind the scenes day at the Museum and we got to tour the staff only restricted to the public areas.