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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Halloween 2013: Pirate J and Elizabeth from Bioshock Cosplay K

J and I are Halloween people.  Everyone has a favorite holiday, Halloween is ours.  I dress up every year.  This year J went as a pirate and I was his busty pirate wench, Elizabeth from the game Bioshock Infinite.
J works at Gamestop.  For the midnight release of "Assassin's Creed: Black Flag" the crew got to dress up as pirates.  J makes a magnificent pirate.
He played "Bioshock Infinite" this past summer and I fell in love with the game so I decided to be Elizabeth for Halloween.  This is my first attempt at Cosplay.  I made my own costume this year.  It was quite the challenging project learning how to make a recognizable Bioshock Elizabeth Cosplay Costume.  I picked the material, dress patterns, found a relatively cheap corset online that I could modify, bought three different wigs until I found one I liked, and learned how to use my sewing machine.  For making my first dress ever I think I did pretty good.
Every year my company has a Halloween Party and chili cook off.
This year we had a murder mystery.
A 1970's Disco dance themed murder mystery.  I love my job.
My favorite part was that I won the Best Costume Award this year.
The highly coveted Best Costume Award.
An award my fellow co-workers are willing to kill for.  We get pretty competitive.
After work J and I went to my Parent's house to help pass out candy.  Very few children come to our house, and we wanted to show my parents our awesome Halloween costumes.
My parents are also Halloween people.  Mom borrowed my Civil War Widow dress.
My parents made up this fun game for the Trick-or-Treaters.  When someone rang the door bell we (J and I) would answer the door, then Mom would come out from around the corner and surprise them.  She would offer them tricks or treats.  They could try her trick "brains" (marshmallow jello salad) or have a more conventional treat, mini candy bar.  Then we would ask them if they wanted to stay for dinner.  It was so fun to see the kid's reactions to her.  Oddly enough, the younger kids were more willing to try the brains while the older ones kept their distance.   
My parents are so cool.
Here is my sister Chelsea and her husband Mark with their dog Charlie.  They did not dress up.  Lame.
Red Beard the Pirate J.
Look out Pirate J, you have entered Shark infested waters.
My nephew Dutch in his Shark costume.
When he walks the tail wags back and forth.  It was so cute.
Then we finished the night at Barnes and Nobel.
We go to Barnes and Nobel at least once a week.  At LEAST.
J is an avid reader.
Me, not so much.
Unless it has pictures.
We had a wonderful Halloween this year.  I would like to continue learning how to sew and make costumes.  My next sewing project is a Steampunk dress.  Corsets, and bustles, and gears, oh my.