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Friday, July 6, 2012

Chocolate Cupcakes

The Great Chocolate Cupcake Dilemma
My Mom asked me to make 36 chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting to bring to her work for a co-worker's birthday.
My recipe only made 30 cupcakes.  So I thought to myself, just use half the recipe and have a few extra.  Then as I was making it I realize that I was adding the same volume of ingredients again instead of only half.  I ended up with 60 chocolate cupcakes.  Then I ran out of Chocolate Ganache at cupcake number 37.
At least I had a full 36 of what my client (Mom) had asked for.  For the rest I just made a quick chocolate butter cream frosting.  That lead me to my great dilemma.  What to do with all these chocolate cupcakes?  Yes, my life is full of such problems.
I brought them to my work and my friends and co-workers ate them with much guilt, regret, self loathing, and a little childish glee.  To clear up a question someone asked me today, No I have not started my own bakery.  Yet.  The bakery boxes used for transporting said cupcakes are doughnut boxes swiped from Smith's Grocery store.  They were too shallow, when I closed the lid the frosting would get smushed.  I cut the top off, and taped wooden dowls to the four corners of the box so that when I replaced the lid it would sit higher and keep the frosting from smushing.