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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fixing the Fence

A part of our back yard fence was knocked down during a windstorm sometime in the fall of 2010.  We pulled the wreckage back into our yard and set it by the rose bush with full intentions of fixing the fence.  Then we got busy and didn't really want to fix the fence, nor could we really afford it.  The kids in the neighborhood turned our back yard into their playground and made the broken fence by the rose bush into a bike jump/fort.  They also pulled down more fence posts and left their candy wrappers, toys, and drink cartons everywhere.  Darn meddling kids.
Then neighbors started using our backyard as the neighborhood dump and we found all sorts of beer cans, tires, broken furniture, and other questionable substances that I did not want to touch.  Darn meddling neighbors.  Darn meddling kids.
 In the summer of 2012 we decided to fix the fence and started to dig out the cement fence posts holes to put new ones in.  We dug out a few holes, went to the hardware store to buy cement and when we came back the darn meddling  kids had filled the post holes with dirt.  Since this defeated the purpose of digging post holes we then lost our motivation to fix the fence that year. Darn meddlesome meddlers.

Summer of 2013 we got fed up with being the neighborhood junk yard and playground so J took some time off work to finish digging out the old cement and bought some new fence posts.  With the help of my Uncle David, J went about fixing the fence.  David is an experienced fence builder.
They spend the next couple of weeks fixing the fence together one section at a time.  The labor was relatively cheap since I paid them in cookies.
They pulled the slates off and re-used as much of the wood as possible and filled in the rest with new slats to save money and material.
Finally the gaping hole in our fence is filled in with wood.  That should keep the darn meddling kids out.  Probably not the zombie apocalypse, but at least it stopped the darn meddling neighbors from using our yard as the local dumping ground.
Now to work on the yard. Darn meddling weeds.
We donated most of the wood to my parents to use as fire wood (you know to stop the darn meddling cold).

No longer is there a fence wood pile by the rose bush and no longer can it be used as a bike jump.
We finally got the back yard pretty much cleaned. up.
Through this experience J can now add builder of fences (and stopper of meddlers) to his resume.  Good job J.  I'm so proud of you.