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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fish and Corn: A one oven meal

I do one pot meals.  I do pinterest meals.  This is my one oven pinterest meal.  As both techniques were found on pinterest and I could bake them at the same time for 30 min at 350 degrees in the same oven.
Simple and Healthy Baked Fish.
Thaw out frozen fish overnight in the refrigerator.  Salt and pepper both sides.  Lay on top of a layer of lemon and lime slices.  Add more lemon and lime slices on top.  Wrap in tinfoil.
Bake fish at 350 degrees for 30 min.
Bake corn, still in the husk, at 350 degrees for 30 min.
Cut the bottom off the corn.
The claim was that you can slide the corn out of the husk and all the silk is magically removed as it slides out.
This was not the case.  I still had to pick at it to remove the silk and it was not any easier than removing the silk before boiling the corn, which I traditionally do.  A nifty technique to baking corn instead of boiling, but in no way easier at removing silk.
Remove fish and corn from the oven at the same time.
Done.  One oven meal.