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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mommy Daughter Day: A Civil War Picnic

19th Century Civilian Picnic June 22nd, 2013 at Thanksgiving Point Gardens, Lehi, Utah.  
This was our Mother Daughter Outing.  I actually got my Mom to wear some of my Civil War clothes.  This was the first time she ever dressed up to go on a picnic.  I don't think she was expecting the random people pointing and taking pictures of us, but I am so used to these sort of things that it didn't occur to me to warn her beforehand.  She had a good time though and compared it to what a Disneyland Princess must feel like, wearing a strange dress and stopping and posing for random strangers to take pictures.
I came up with a fun picnic menu for us.  Blueberries and Strawberries with home-made whipped cream, cheddar cheese and sausage slices, bacon cheddar scones, feta yellow squash and sweet potato quinoa salad, and Italian Ice Lemonade for dessert.
My friend Rachel set this event up.  She is good at arranging events.  Here she is with her darling baby Kenna in Regency era gown.  I love the stripes.
Mom really liked the Italian Ice Lemonade.
The kids played jump rope.
Here I am showing off my new picnic basket.  I embarked upon a two month long quest to find the perfect picnic basket for this day.
Jackie and Chip had an equally impressive picnic basket.
Here is Mom looking picturesque on the Monet garden bridge.
Mary Ann and her friend also went with the regency style.
Mom and I in the rose garden with parasols.  A lady should always bring a parasol and wear a hat and gloves when out and about.  It is the proper thing to do.
Here are a few more idealic picnic group photos.

Mom's favorite part of the day was when Kelsey pulled out her violin and starting playing.  She's a very good violinist.
It is nice to sit in the shade.

I did not teach Mom about our "No Cell Phones" policy.  But since this is her first time playing dress up 19th Century style I thought I would let it slide.
When we got home my niece Gracie wanted to play dress up as well.
Maybe someday she will take up re-enacting with me.
She sure looks the part of a Civil War lady complete with hat, gloves, and parasol.
She was so cute I wanted to bring her home with me.  Look, she even fits in my carpet bag.