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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

J and K's Photoshoot

For J's birthday (August 22nd), as always, I just ask what he wants and get it for him.  No surprises, and I'm paying.  I am terrible at surprises anyway.  J said that he would like our photos done, professionally, and in a Civil War style.  We went to Bowers Photography in American Fork and had Mark Bowers do our photos.  I think they turned out beautifully.  Since then, we have had them framed and put them up throughout the house.  We have not had our photos done since we were married, about 6 years ago, and thought it would be nice to have some pictures of us without the wedding dress.

Couple Portrait 

We did our research on couple portraits of the era and found that most couples had the husband sitting with the wife standing behind him or off to the side, which is why we did this one.  Photography was in its infancy back in the 1860's and portraits were expensive so the subjects would dress in their finest attire to have their pictures taken.  This is why I wore my ball gown and J's in his officer's uniform.  Traveling photographers would even bring nicer clothes for their clients to wear if they wanted to dress fancier than what they had.  Due to the long exposure times and the desire to look dignified, there was no smiling in the 1860s.
J's staff officer uniform.
My Ball Gown with fan and gloves.
Time to show off my burgeoning hat collection.  This is my day dress with my grey hat.
Looking sassy with my peacock feathers.
Thoughtful in my black straw hat.  This one is my best hat for sun protection.  I know I should decorate it, since that is what they did back then, but I just love the simplicity of a plain black straw hat.
J's off to war equipment.
My corset.  I really wanted to get a picture of my corset since I just got it and I think it is lovely.
My ode to Annie Oakley or as my Dad likes to call it, Granny Clampett from Beverly Hillbillies.
J's a good old rebel boy with his D'guard Bowie knife.  We noticed that a lot of the Confederate soldier portraits had them holding knives so we had to get one of J showing off his metal.
All my fluffy petticoats.  I am wearing four.
My Dad, gotta love him, likes calling this one my Civil War Porn Star picture.  I am wearing my Bloomers, Chemise, and Corset.  I would like to note that I am also wearing more clothes than most the spectators that come to our re-enactments.