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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

J's Weight Loss Story

August 2010
 I used to watch this show called "My Amazing Weight Loss Story". Here then is J's Amazing Weight loss story.  Before we met J was very active.  He did Kendo and Iaido martial arts three times a week, lifted weights and would ride a stationary bike every night before he went to bed.  Then he moved to Utah.  He managed to drive up to Idaho once a week for martial arts and still lifted weights but no longer had a stationary bike.  Gas became too expensive to drive to Idaho. Weights slowly began to drop off the priority list as life  got busier and regular exercise became sporadic, and then ceased.  We like to call this photo the Incredible Stay Puffed Marshmallow Soldier (or the blueberry dough boy). 
May 2011
One day, sometime in March 2011 after speaking to his brother whom had been experiencing a series of health issues J had his "ah-ha" moment. Realizing that he had a young wife that he needed to be around for he needed to do something.  We had both gained quite a bit of happy married weight. Tipping the scale at close to 300 lbs J realized that he was the heaviest he had  been in his life and serious health issues must surely follow.
October 2011
We both signed up for gym memberships.  I had been going to the gym for a couple of years with some moderate success.  My BMI dropped from "Overweight" to a borderline "High Normal".  The personal trainer at the gym, we refer to him as D-bag Dave (the origin of this honorific is, as they say, another story), told J that he would not be able to lose any weight without professional help.  Trainers cost $35+ a week  a luxury neither of us could afford.  This made J  determined to lose weight without "professional" help. 
May 2012
 I picked up a shabby exercise bike from D.I. for him on March 24th, 2012 and J started riding it every night as he had done back in his halcyon days.  He cut soda intake to zero, replaced two suppers a week with salads, and really started looking at what he and I ate.
June 2012
We upgraded the exercise bike in July 2012 to a more sturdier model and kept on going.
August 2012

August 2012

December 2012
May 2013
J is Happy, happy, happy.

                                  Before                                                              After
This is J's 100 pound amazing weight loss story.  No longer is he the Incredible Stay Puffed Marshmallow Soldier (one might say he has gone from the blueberry dough boy to the "straw"berry dough boy).  We now refer to him as skinny.  He weighs less than when we got married, and is back to his fighting weight and in great shape. And all this without "professional" help. Hmmmm, interesting, is there a lesson here? Perhaps you should decide.