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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Turkey Week

We have a tradition in our family: Turkey Week and Ham Week. It is not a terribly original idea, taking the left-overs of Thanksgiving Turkey and Christmas Ham and trying to come up with different recipes while eating it for about a week. But we do like to change it up a bit. One year we celebrated Turkey Week in February. This year Turkey Week started on Sunday December 11th by cooking a 17 pound bird with mashed potatoes and creamed corn.
We were off to a great start.
Turkey Rice-a-Roni and Peas Monday.
Turkey Pasta Tuesday.
I even had time to take a Christmas Cookie Decorating class on Tuesday. J's only request was that I do a Christmas Zombie cookie for him.
Turkey Salad Wednesday.
Along with chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting for a neighbor who just had a baby. Those pink things are supposed to be poinsettia flowers.
That's when Turkey week sort of fell apart and morphed into baking week. I did 137 Cake Pops with my Mom and sister.
And some 200 sugar cookies. Dad had the prestigious job of adding red hot candies to the cookies.

I think we ended up with 35 plates of goodies to give out to our friends and family.
Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Brownies for our Fort Douglas Re-enacting Christmas dinner.
I do Civil War re-enacting with my husband.
It was a "Choose your own costume" dinner involving several re-enacting groups.

Our Civil War Union beardies got to stick together.